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To report data problems, inquire about data interpretation, or obtain methods details for ENCODE data at UCSC:
Contact the ENCODE lab that produced the data. All ENCODE tracks at UCSC provide a lab data contact in the Credits section of the data track description page. You may also want to review the resources and frequently asked questions on the ENCODE FAQ page.
For questions about ENCODE data from the second production phase (later than 2013) and developments in the Consortium:
Please send these inquiries to encode-help@lists.stanford.edu
For questions regarding how to access ENCODE data using the UCSC Genome Browser and related tools:
First review the resources on the ENCODE FAQ page. If you can not find an answer, search the mailing list archives before you post your question to the public UCSC Genome Project mailing list, genome@soe.ucsc.edu. See the UCSC Genome Browser Project contacts page for more information.