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UCSC Genome Browser on Mouse (GRCm39/mm39)
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chr19:9,970,716-10,016,907 46,192 bp.
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track, load time, draw time, total (first window)
Testis transcriptome annotation, 133, 1, 134
Brain transcriptome annotation, 135, 0, 135
Eye transcriptome annotation, 141, 1, 142
Spinal Cord transcriptome annotation, 130, 0, 130
Heart transcriptome annotation, 136, 0, 136
Smooth Muscle transcriptome annotation, 130, 1, 131
Stomach transcriptome annotation, 111, 0, 111
Salivary Gland transcriptome annotation, 128, 0, 128
Lung transcriptome annotation, 149, 1, 150
Liver transcriptome annotation, 175, 0, 175
Kidney transcriptome annotation, 103, 1, 104
Spleen transcriptome annotation, 143, 1, 144
GENCODE VM33, 11, 0, 11
RefSeq mRNAs, 2, 1, 3
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